Boiling & Chilled

Pizza Hut

"The product is excellent and has provided a fantastic solution..."

Yum! The owner of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut had a challenge.

With 700 branches of Pizza Hut across the UK alone, they were looking for an high quality undercounter, boiling and chilled filtered drinking water system solution for their prestigious Head Office relocation.

The chosen system should not only be capable of dispensing at high speed, but also be very compact, fitting into standard cabinetry without modification.

Billi_XL_Tap Levered-010-bsh-blu bill tap in action

The brief

All Billi projects start with an initial brief, which enables us to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution for your needs.

  • Performance
  • Space Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Customer Service both pre-sale and after sale
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Price

Firmly into focus

This brought Billi very firmly into focus, and when Pizza Hut made their initial call they found the team member they spoke with to be extremely knowledgable and very professional. All part of the Billi Experience.

bill tap in action


Being one of the outstanding Quadra range which utilizes a patented Heat cell technology, Pizza Hut noted that the Billi Quadra Compact XL could produce an immediate draw of 20 cups of water at 98.5C – the perfect temperature for brewing tea.

That is 20 cups instantly, going to to 100 cups per hour boiling and 150 cups of chilled. No waste, no wait, no downtime.


Every manufacturer nowadays makes the claim that their products have an excellent reliability record, but this wasn’t enough for Pizza Hut.

They needed to know that Billi had trained engineers available for ongoing servicing and maintenance. They also realised that a constant filtered drinking water supply is a must for staff morale and productivity and Pizza Hut knew that they could rely on a superb aftersales experience from Billi.

Billi Quadra

Space Efficiency

With space at a premium, Pizza Hut knew that they needed an undercounter system that would fit within standard cabinetry without modification.

Moreover they knew that they didn’t want unsightly grilles in their new cabinets. They were pleased to discover that the Billi Quadra uses a patented heat-exchanger which does not require cooling fans, or provision of ventiliation. At only 340 x 310 x 365, the Quadra made perfect sense.


Yes, price is important, and Pizza Hut wanted a good deal.

….the product is excellent and has provided a fantastic solution for preparing drinks at our busy office- at a very competitive price.

The Result

I couldn’t recommend the team at Billi enough. They have been nothing short of wonderful- happy to recommend them to the highest degree.

- Lauren Williamson - Pizza Hut UK

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