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05 Jun 2019

Category: Eco

World Environment Day: How your office can make a difference

It's World Environment Day Here's how offices can increase sustainability and reduce waste... Since the first World Environment Day in 1974, June 5th has been dedicated to spreading awareness and inspiring action ...

04 Jun 2019

Category: Educational

Is There a Perfect Temperature for Coffee & Tea?

What's the Science Behind the Perfect Cuppa? Everybody has their preference when it comes to tea and coffee, but is there scientifically a perfect temperature for hot drinks? Both tea and coffee ...

03 Jun 2019

Category: Educational

How Does Drinking Water Affect Productivity?

Hydration & Brain Function Everything we do begins with the brain. This brilliant organ necessitates our survival and orchestrates our movements, thought patterns and creations. So, looking after it could not ...

30 May 2019

Category: Company News

Clerkenwell Design Week: Billi Round Up

A Roundup from our time at Clerkenwell Design Week This week we're back in the office after a great time at the 10th Anniversary of Clerkenwell Design Week. For those that ...

28 May 2019

Category: Educational

The Most Popular Drinking Vessel for Coffee/Tea

A Cup Above? The Most Popular Hot Drinks Containers We’ve all got our own preferences when it comes to hot drinks. From builders tea to peppermint tea, gingerbread lattes to double ...