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23 Jul 2018

Category: Educational

How to Stay Hydrated in the British Heatwave

Make Sure to Stay Hydrated This Summer We've got a bit of a heatwave here in the UK. Humidity is high, and staying hydrated can be a struggle, especially when nobody ...

19 Jul 2018

Category: How to...

A Refreshing Summer Syrup Recipe

Delicious Summer Syrup Recipe Using seasonal produce is a straightforward way of reducing our carbon footprint. During the summer months, an abundance of produce is available sourced from local providers around ...

18 Jul 2018

Category: Eco

Kettles in the Workplace – Why Do You Still Have Them?

The Kettle in the Workplace Debate Do kettles still have a home in the workplace? Originally intended to solve the issue of provisionally boiling water on a small scale basis, we’re ...

17 Jul 2018

Category: Educational

What Would a CO2 Shortage Mean?

Does CO2 Have a Place in the Boardroom? The news of the CO2 shortage was broken earlier last month. It has significantly affected the production of CO2 UK and has hit ...

11 Jul 2018

Category: Company News Educational

WRAS Approval: What Is It and Why It’s Important For You

WRAS Approval: What Is It and Why It's Important For You In the water industry, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) has a very large influence as they act on behalf of ...