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16 Jan 2018

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Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas for Dry January

Dry January Getting You Down? Here are Some Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas January is a month of many things. Low bank account balances, a bit of extra Christmas weight, and now Dry ...

07 Jan 2018

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Facilities Managers – Here’s an Essential Checklist for Your Building

Are You a Facilities Manager? This is the Checklist for You If you're a facilities manager, you understand how important it is to stay aware of the ever-changing needs of your ...

03 Jan 2018

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Can’t Quit Coffee? Here’s Some Hot Drink Alternatives to Help You Cut Down

Quit Coffee by Switching to These Hot Drinks Instead Speak to a handful of people about their New Years resolutions and we bet you'll hear this one from nearly half of ...

10 Dec 2017

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How to Prepare Your Office and Desk for the New Year

Stay Organised in 2017. Tidy and Prepare Your Office Space! As 2017 comes to a close, now is the time to start thinking about cleaning, tidying and organising your office for ...

08 Dec 2017

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Why the Office Kitchen is One of the Most Important Spaces in Your Workplace

Your Office Kitchen is the Key to Happy Employees When you're considering the most important places in your workspace, you'd probably assume it would be the meeting rooms. Perhaps the staff's ...