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28 Jan 2018

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Bulletproof Coffee is Taking the Health World by Storm

Haven't Heard of Bulletproof Coffee Yet? You Best Read This Coffee is most people's go-to for energy in the morning. But, it's just been stepped up a level. The most recent ...

27 Jan 2018

Category: Company News

Customer Service You Can’t Replicate: The Billi Experience

The Billi Experience and Why Our Customer Services is Top Notch At Billi, we believe in more than just good products. Our products are exemplary, but our customer service? That's where ...

24 Jan 2018

Category: Eco News & Information

Will a 25p Coffee Cup Charge Reduce Waste?

Remember Your Reusable Coffee Cup, Or You'll Have to Pay As we covered in one of our recent posts, plastic waste in the UK is a monumental problem. As a nation, ...

22 Jan 2018

Category: Educational Information

Keep and Eye Out for These Office Design Trends in 2018

Office Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018 A new year means a new opportunity for change. That includes your office design and functionality. If you've felt in the past year ...

18 Jan 2018

Category: Educational Information Eco News & Information

Plastic Waste in Great Britain: We Need Action

The Long-Term Plastic Waste Plan and How You Can Help As plastic waste in Great Britain continues to mount, and landfills continue to fill up almost quicker than we can dig ...