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18 Nov 2019

Category: Educational Information

Are Boiling Water Taps Environmentally-Friendly?

As we’ve all become more aware of our impact on the world, a question we often come across is - how environmentally-friendly are boiling water taps?  Questions around sustainability are highly ...

13 Nov 2019

Category: Educational Information

The Boiling Water Tap: An Office Kitchen Must Have

So you’ve invested heavily in kitting out your new office space, but have you included a boiling water tap?  Inside the most ground-breaking office spaces across the UK, you can find ...

12 Nov 2019

Category: Educational Information

Can Health Data Help Us Design Better Office Spaces?

You might wear a Fitbit or an Apple Watch, but what you might not know is that these devices contain health data that is changing the future of office spaces.  In ...

06 Nov 2019

Category: Company News Educational Information

The Best Boiling Water Tap For Your Office Space

Choosing an instant boiling water tap for your office space can support the hydration of your team. From providing hot drinks to pure filtered water, Billi taps are being chosen ...

30 Oct 2019

Category: Company News

Spaces and Places You Can Find Billi Filtered Water Taps

When it comes to our Billi filtered water taps, it may be easy to assume that they are for the home or the office. But our Billi taps are extremely ...