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01 Mar 2019

Category: Educational

Want to Cut Back on Caffeine? Switch to Decaf

Thinking of Making the Switch to Decaf? Decaf options offer a great way to still enjoy some drinks without the added side effects. For a lot of people caffeine drinks, such ...

25 Feb 2019

Category: Educational

Sparkling Vs. Still Water – Who Will Win?

Sparkling Water – is it better than plain old tap water? Carbonated water is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. This produces a bubbly drink that's ...

21 Feb 2019

Category: Company News

You’ve Chosen Billi for Your Workplace. What Next?

Billi in You Workplace Could Not Be Easier If the specifiers for your project have recommended Billi products then you'll be glad to hear that installing them into your workplace could ...

28 Aug 2018

Category: Health

How Do You Drink Your Tea Every Day?

How Do You Like Your Tea in the Morning? The drinking of tea is a truly British tradition, we love it so much that we drink around 60 billion cups of ...

22 Aug 2018

Category: Company News Educational

Billi Are Supporting The Hamlet Centre Trust

Billi Supports the Hamlet Centre Trust Here at Billi, the way our customers are supported is one of our main priorities. We strive for a world-class customer service experience, to get ...