Billi New Starters – Chris Vargeson, Customer Excellence Executive

20 Feb 2018

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Working For Billi UK – Meet Our New Starters

Part Two.

Billi like to employ the best in their field. As a company that relies on our employees just as much as our products, the people we hire make our business. Providing excellent customer service, or “The Billi Experience” is what we’re all about. Our innovative products deserve a team that understand the benefits, and can accurately portray this to our clientele. Providing a lasting experience and creating relationships is something we hope all our employees will do, which is why we’re so happy to introduce our new customer excellence executive.

Chris Vargeson, Customer Excellence Executive

Last in our new starter interviews is Chris Vargeson. Chris is our new customer excellence executive. He will be committed to ensuring customers receive the full Billi experience. Eager to provide top quality after sales care, he is keen to get going in his new position! Chris’s responsibilities will be after sales through to being a point of contact for clients. He believes over time, and with effective communication, he will be able to build a rapport with end users. Building confidence in the Billi brand through his customer service and conversation is what he aims to do in his new role.

Chris is local to Norfolk and grew up here, but that didn’t stop him travelling around. After studying at the college of West Anglia, he started working his way up through a variety of jobs to get to something he enjoyed. Initially starting with welding, then into sales, Chris then made a massive career jump and joined the army. This career move led to some time in Germany, and a couple of active tours. Now though, he’s back living in Norfolk with his family. Chris’s time in the army made him grow up and gave him real-life experience – which he applied to his sales position at Land Rover for a long period of time.. From Land Rover, he now joins us at Billi, and we wish him years of success.

His Experience

Chris remembers his first sale well. With his years of experience in sales, he says his method of selling hasn’t changed much – except now he does less talking. Now, he says sales for him is less about the product and more about the customer. How can the product benefit the customer? If a relationship can be forged with the customer over shared interests or a common denominator, a sale is more likely. Having a real connection and being able to strike up a conversation with somebody is key.

Coming from Land Rover, Chris is used to customer excellence. Land Rover score very highly in NPS (net promoter score). This for those who don’t know is a score rating the loyalty of a brand’s customer relationships. It’s also a good measure of customer’s perception of the brand. When Chris joined, Norwich Land Rover was at 98th in the UK. During his time there they moved to 3rd in the UK. Offering NPS into the conversation and offering the customer excellence experience is key to scoring highly according to Chris. If customers have a good experience, they have no choice but to mark highly.

Billi can reach excellence as a collective and as a team says, Chris. Just by looking at Billi’s training there’s no doubt. Billi is special because it’s excellence in individuals and as a collective unit. There is also a real sense of team effort according to Chris. This is imperative to success – you can’t do it all by yourself. When helping customers, Chris endeavours to help with any problem but knows if he can’t fix it, somebody else will be able to. This is the key aspect of teamwork and support within the team that he enjoys.

His Time at Billi

His ideal day will consist of liaising with customers that don’t have a service plan, yet equally dealing with customers that don’t want a service plan but do want filters. Keeping it varied is what will keep it exciting, and liaising with multiple clients keeps it interesting. The key to having happy customer relationships is treating every customer as they want to be treated. Being in the army was also very helpful for Chris’s organisational skills. There was strict regime, so he’s used to making sure he delivers.

Challenges that Chris would like to address during his time at Billi? Time management and getting to the end users. His aim as customer excellence executive is to build rapport over time with end users and build confidence in the brand. He wants to provide a strong point of contact between customers and Billi.