Billi New Starters – Meet Jay McLeod, Business Development Executive

21 Feb 2018

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Working For Billi UK – Meet Our New Starters

Part Three.

Always striving for the best individuals in their field, Billi has just hired a series of new starters. These new employees will bring their skills and expertise to our team and fill a variety of positions. From sales to development, they’re all looking to working hard in their field. These blogs are aimed at helping you get to know our new starters and learn a little more about what it’s like to work for us here at Billi.

Jay McLeod, Business Development Executive

Second in our new starter interviews is Jay McLeod. Jay will be taking on the role of business development executive here at Billi. Sales is something she thinks is perfect for her, even though it differs from her previous experience. She’s got the skills for the job and was clearly the perfect candidate for the role. Grateful for the opportunity to work for Billi, Jay is keen to show a male-dominated tech industry what she’s got.

Previously, Jay worked as an English teacher in Bejing, China. This may seem a far cry from the offices of Billi, but here, she learnt valuable skills that are applicable to her new role. Being a teacher in a country where education standards and expectations are high taught Jay a lot about customer satisfaction and hard work. Both of which she will be putting into practice at Billi. While working as a teacher, Jay used to receive ratings out of 10 on her teaching performance, so fully understands the benefits of feedback and constructive criticism.

As well as working in China, Jay also worked in America for some time. Having studied American and Canadian studies at university, she got the opportunity to study and work in Kansas, USA before joining Billi. While working in America, Jay’s responsibilities included working on youth engagement for the American election. To understand the audience she was trying to engage with, Jay had to become familiar with cold-calling. Her role was to get to know individuals that were strangers, engage with them and encourage them to vote in the election. These skills of phone manner and developing a bond with strangers all while being friendly and encouraging will be perfect for her business development role at Billi.

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Why Billi?

Unlike anything she’s seen before, Jay states the reason Billi stood out to her was because of the innovative products. “They’re different to anything I’ve seen or heard about before” she exclaims. Selling a product is always easier when you believe in it, understand it, and genuinely enjoy speaking about it to prospective buyers.

One of Billi’s main attractions was customer service. Knowing that customer service and “The Billi Experience” is such a key part of the Billi brand was a big pull for Jay. Customer service is very important to her, and she believes that the key to it is simple. Be polite. She believes good customer service is somebody who is helpful, polite and deals with the problem directly rather than deflecting it onto somebody else. Bad customer service Jay states is generally because somebody has been rude. If you’re polite, the customer will have a good experience.

What Can She Bring To the Table?

Jay’s key abilities are that she is polite but confident. Perfect for her new role here at Billi. She believes that being easy to talk to will also help her, as she’ll often be on the phone, or engaging with prospective clients trying to sell them Billi products. Calling up people who she doesn’t know won’t be a problem for Jay. After her experience in America, she is used to striking up conversations with strangers and creating lasting impressions. She is also very quick with problem solving and good with multitasking.

Perhaps this is why her ideal day at Billi would be so varied. For Jay, her dream day at work for Billi involves chatting with a few people so that she stays on her toes – which is exactly what she will be doing. Speaking to a variety of individuals with different requirements and needs will keep it varied.

The Future

With such a varied past, it seems as though the future could hold many unknowns for Jay. However, whatever she may turn her hand to, she hopes to be successful at whatever she does. Her competitive nature means a role in sales is perfect for her, and she hopes she can show the boys that a girl in sales can be just as good as them. Being a female salesperson in a technology-heavy industry may be daunting to some, but not Jay. she’s excited by the prospect of being able to show off her skills. We hope she continues to put them to good use for Billi for many years to come.