Billi New Starters – Meet Jonathan Gooch, Internal Sales Consultant

02 May 2018

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Working For Billi UK – Meet Our New Starters

Part Four.

It’s been a while since we introduced our last new starter, but behind the scenes, Billi is continuing to grow. Our incredible, innovative, and environmentally conscious products are becoming globally recognised. As such, the team here at Billi is ever expanding. Our most recent new starter, Jonathan Gooch, joined on April 30th. Here’s a little more about him, what he’s looking forward to about working at Billi and how he felt on his first day.

Jonathan Gooch, Internal Sales Consultant

Our most recent new starter at Billi has always been local to Norwich. Having grown up in the area, Jonathan studied at Paston Sixth Form College before starting work in sales. Coming to Billi from LandRover, we’re looking forward to the varied experience he brings with him. Having been at LandRover for just over 2 years, and before that Bussey Vehicle Leasing, Jonathan has spent around 4 years in the motor industry. Now though, he is faced with the new but exciting challenge of working here at Billi! This should be easy, however, as he is incredibly passionate about the products.

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Jonathan’s previous experience may have been within the motor industry, but he believes sales is sales. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it’s more about how you sell it. “People buy from people. Create a good relationship and rapport with people, and it just goes from there”. The key ingredients to success in sales? Jonathan thinks they are confidence and self-belief. This positive outlook and keen determination are exactly what we look for in a Billi employee.

Previously, when working at Land Rover, Jonathan worked with customers from all backgrounds. This diversity he says stands him in good stead in his new position at Billi. He is prepared for any kind of customer and can create a positive relationship with them all. His hunger for sales will keep him at the top of his game, and with success as his motivator, we’re sure he’ll be a great addition to our sales team!

A Market Leader

Speak to any salesman, and you’ll soon find that selling products is only easy if you truly believe in them. Luckily for us, Jonathan is extremely passionate about the Billi line. Although admitting that he had not heard of the company before working for us, he said with just a tiny amount of research he was very impressed with the products and brand. With Billi only being founded in 1989, our growth trajectory is impressive. Jonathan says he recognised this and knows Billi will not stop, and wants to be a part of the company’s journey.

It wasn’t until Jonathan handed his notice in and researched further into Billi that he fully understood the brand. Boiling taps are “traditionally aesthetically unpleasing” – so he recognised Billi as a market leader. Primarily, this was due to the fact our products are under counter, and incredibly technologically advanced. For him, he says the main aspect that made him realise how superior Billi products were compared to the competition is that they “take up so much less space, and save a huge amount of energy.”

Billi Products

The products we sell at Billi are not just taps. Behind them are intricate engineering and mechanisms. Combine this with our environmental commitment, and that, Jonathan says, is why he so is heavily behind the business. He believes that the products are new and different and that he wants to sell them because he genuinely believes they are better than the competition. Our fantastic products make him “want to be involved” he exclaims.

We’re very pleased to have Jonathan working for us, and hope he can bring enthusiasm and a genuine passion for the products to the sales team. With his least favourite aspect of sales being losing business, we’re sure he’ll work hard to close every prospect he can and spread the Billi message.