2018 Pricing for resellers

Billi have been manufacturing a range of filtered water solutions specifically for high end workplace environments for over 25 years.

Some of the main advantages of the Billi systems are as follows:

  • Filtered boiling, chilled still and chilled sparkling water – from ONE TAP!
  • Greatest ‘immediate draw off’ boiling water dispense capacity.
  • Up to 46% more space efficient than some other commercial systems.
  • Up to 40.2% more energy efficient than some other systems.
  • Premium aesthetics (architecturally designed contemporary dispenser taps available in a choice of colours to complement your interior design. See our recent projects).
  • Fibredyne™ technology (fibrous and matted together, increasing the surface area of the carbon = greater contact time and improved quality of filtration).
  • No grille or ventilation space (all the boiling and chilled systems have a heat exchange system, so can be installed without ventilation).

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