Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling


An extra height bar-style system specifically designed for bottle filling.

Solidly practical and visually striking

The Boste BZ (829000) is a solution for dispensing high volumes of chilled or sparkling filtered water. Robustly built, this system is very simple to operate and maintain. Using a single compact under counter unit the BZ has the capacity to produce 60 litres chilled water per hour. This makes the BZ range ideal for corporate hospitality or meeting room resfreshments. This system is supplied by Billi, but sourced from one of our sister companies.

Very economical to use, where even the sparkling is only 400w the Boste will dispense into a narrow neck container up to 310mm high via its bar-style taps.

It is normally supplied with a drainage font, or can dispense over a sink if required.


Model Product Code Dimensions (HxWxD) Number of Users Hourly Dispense Capacity
Boste BZ9 829000 550mm x 245mm x 320mm 350 users 60 litres
24 Months

Product Warranty

As with all the other Billi drinking water appliances, the Boiling and Chilled range is covered by a comprehensive 24 month parts and labour warranty. As the manufacturer we not only have full control over quality standards, but we are also uniquely positioned to offer exceptional client care and after sales backup.

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Why choose the Boste?

It dispenses more, it dispenses higher and with the same exceptional filtered water quality.

  • Adjustable Chilled Temperature

    Variable from 2 C to 11 C. Simple to operate and simple to maintain.

    The Boste BZ is a plumbed-in water chiller which is aesthetically striking, and very compact for space efficiency.

  • Higher Dispense Height

    Will fill even narrow neck bottles up to 310mm high. Fast and efficient.

    Three valves on the tap head provide  chilled still, chilled sparkling and ambient filtered water.

  • Higher Volume

    Up to 60 litres of chilled or sparkling water dispensed per hour.

    Ideal for board rooms, meeting rooms, receptions and other areas of high sparkling requirement.

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Options and Accessories

Style of dispenser

Choose a two tap or three tap dispenser from the bar-style design.


Can the Boste tap dispense into 1 litre bottles?
Yes. Although the standard clearance is 310mm, the dispenser tube is small enough to insert down narrow bottle necks so practically even most 1.2 litres bottles can be used.
How long does a CO2 cylinder last, and where do I buy one?
This will depend on the level of carbonation you set. The system is adjustable for taste which gives the equivalent of 250-350 glasses of water per 600gm cylinder. These disposable cylinders can be purchased from Billi on 020 7456 6789, but more economical where the usage is high is refillable cylinders from BOC or Air Products.
Does the under counter unit need venting?
Like other high-volume systems on the market, the Boste unit is fan cooled and will require cupboard ventilation.

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