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Why Are Plastic Straws Such a Problem?

Forgive the Pun, But Here’s Why Plastic Straws Suck It’s time for us to cut single-use plastic out of our lives. For too long, the ocean has been a dumping ground for…

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Is Canned Water the Way Forward?

Tesco Now Stocks Canned Water The plastic waste battle has and will continue to be a long one. Our oceans are currently suffering from the blight of plastic waste, and unless changes…

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kettles in the workplace

Kettles in the Workplace – Why Do You Still Have Them?

The Kettle in the Workplace Debate Do kettles still have a home in the workplace? Originally intended to solve the issue of provisionally boiling water on a small scale basis, we’re asking…

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how to go plastic free

Is Going Plastic-Free More Expensive for the Individual?

What Will Going Plastic-Free Cost You? Knowing and understanding the damage plastic waste has on the environment, many of us are trying to cut down and go plastic-free. But, with plastic at…

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plastic bottle pollution

Britain’s Plastic Bottle Problem

The UK Has a Plastic Bottle Problem Our problem with plastic bottle consumption is not a new phenomenon, nor is it a problem that will simply go away. Since the release of…

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