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McDonald’s Refuses to Stop Using Plastic Straws

McDonald’s Refuse Transparency on Plastic Straw Usage If the biggest companies and corporations don’t set an example, will everybody else stop caring about plastic waste too? Fast food giant McDonalds recently refused…

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Resuable Water Bottles Are Still Not Being Used

Start Using Your Reusable Water Bottles, Before It’s Too Late Across the UK, people are still not using reusable water bottles. After Blue Planet II showed the horrors of plastic pollution, it…

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An Investigation into Raw Water, Tap Water and Bottled Water

What is Best for You? Raw Water, Bottled, or Tap? You might think of water is just that, water. But, ask anybody, and they’ll have a preference for either bottled, tap or…

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Eco-Friendly Plastic Straw Alternatives

Stop Using a Plastic Straw and Start Using These Instead London is, unfortunately, the plastic straw capital of Europe. The city alone uses the same amount of straws as the whole of…

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Take a Look at Some of the Most Sustainable Office Buildings in the UK

Some of the Most Sustainable Office Buildings in the UK Sustainable and eco-friendly office buildings not only help to keep staff motivated in the workplace but also contribute to helping the environment.…

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