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Will a 25p Coffee Cup Charge Reduce Waste?

Remember Your Reusable Coffee Cup, Or You’ll Have to Pay As we covered in one of our recent posts, plastic waste in the UK is a monumental problem. As a nation, we…

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Plastic Waste in Great Britain: We Need Action

The Long-Term Plastic Waste Plan and How You Can Help As plastic waste in Great Britain continues to mount, and landfills continue to fill up almost quicker than we can dig them,…

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How to Prepare Your Office and Desk for the New Year

Stay Organised in 2017. Tidy and Prepare Your Office Space! As 2017 comes to a close, now is the time to start thinking about cleaning, tidying and organising your office for the…

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Environmental Concerns That We Can All Help Reduce

How Many Environmental Concerns Can We Help Reduce? Earth is currently facing many environmental concerns. From hurricanes to forest fires, it seems like the world is environmentally unsettled. Unfortunately, human activity is…

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