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24 Jan 2019

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Coca Cola, Coffee and Tea – How Much Caffeine is in These Drinks?

Is there an alternative to caffeinated drinks? We are all becoming more aware of the side-effects caffeine can have on our body. Nowadays, people are changing their habits and cutting down ...

12 Nov 2018

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Hot Lemon Water – Is It As Good for You as People Say?

Are there benefits of drinking hot lemon water everyday? The days of drinking your morning cup of coffee or tea are almost over. Nowadays, people are looking for alternative drinks to ...

01 Nov 2018

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Loose Leaf Tea – What are the Benefits of drinking it?

Why choose loose leaf tea over traditional tea bags? Other than water, the most consumed drink around the world is tea. Hot or iced, tea can be had at any time ...

17 Oct 2018

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Can Drinking Green Tea Benefit my Health?

Can Green tea help my health? Green Tea; we've seen it everywhere. Raved about by social media influencers, nutritionists and dietitians, it's no wonder it's one of the latest health crazes. ...

29 Aug 2018

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Why Drinking From a Glass Bottle is Better

Why You Need to Stop Drinking From Plastic Bottles We admit, drinking from plastic bottles is convenient. You can grab one on the go from pretty much anywhere. Carrying your own ...