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18 Feb 2019

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Coffee Culture: Are We Addicted to Caffeine or Cafés?

Are We a Nation of Coffee Addicts? To the rest of the world, Brits spend their time sipping on tea with their pinkie raised, chatting about Brexit and the Queen, so ...

05 Oct 2018

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Do You Have Water That Smells Fishy? Here’s Why…

Why does my water smell like fish? The first thing when you think of water is the fresh, crisp and refreshing taste. What you don't think of is the smell of ...

02 Oct 2018

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Help Decrease Plastic Pollution with National Refill Day

Decrease Plastic Pollution with National Refill Day! The days of disregarding plastic as pollution are over. The public and multimillion pound corporations have finally come to realise the detrimental effect it ...

01 Oct 2018

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Billi Donates to the Alder Centre

Billi Donates to Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects for their Fundraising Bike Ride for the Alder Centre Here, at Billi, we believe it’s important to support and care for our customers ...

20 Sep 2018

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Drinking from Copper – Is It Good for You?

Are there Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper? Drinking water from glass bottles or glass cups is such a routine thing for us to do. Whether waking up in the middle ...