Genius Uses for Used Tea bags Around Your Home

13 Oct 2017

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Put Your Used Tea bags to Good Use at Home

When you drink as much tea as we do, you’re left with a fair few used tea bags each day. We don’t like waste here at Billi, so we thought we’d compile a list of other uses for your used tea bags. From cleaning to cooking and beauty, there’s plenty of uses for the little bags that will surprise you! Here are our top uses for used tea bags around the home!


Getting your toilets to sparkle isn’t exactly a job many people like. However, if you’re a tea lover, the leaves can help make your toilet cleaner. When you’ve finished with your tea bag, cut it open and empty the contents into the toilet. Let the leaves steep for a few hours in the toilet bowl before removing them and then scrubbing the toilet bowl. You’ll be surprised at how easily limescale comes up!

other uses for tea bags


Used tea bags are really effective at removing odours. If you suffer from smelly pets, place used tea bags in their litter tray to minimise the odour. Another great place to put used tea bags in an attempt to reduce nasty smells is in the bottom of your refrigerator – goodbye smelly out of date food! Or, in the bottom of rubbish bins to neutralise the smell of the waste.


Cool, used tea bags are perfect for naturally soothing irritated skin. For tired eyes, place teabags over them, sit back and relax. As you sit there, the tannins in the tea bags get to work and will reduce any puffiness and soreness you feel. This cool, soothing nature also makes used tea bags perfect for soothing sunburn or irritation from insect bites.

used tea bag uses


Shiny hair is something every girl wants. Luckily, tea is the perfect solution! Brew up a few pints of tea before your shower and leave them to cool as you wash. Use the cool tea as a final rinse after you have finished shampooing and conditioning. The tea rinse can make your hair look more voluminous and also give it that salon shine look. The small amount of caffeine found in tea is also said to help encourage hair growth. Shiny, healthy hair all from tea? Yes, please.


For grains or pasta, used tea bags can help give extra flavour! Hang the used tea bags into the pot of water while it boils. If you’re making porridge, try using cinnamon or chai tea bags to give extra flavour. Or alternatively, why not try a used jasmine tea bag while you cook rice or noodles?

tea infused rice


Tea leaves also give great flavour for marinades. Marinade your meat in a mixture of tea and wine or water before you come to cook. The tea will not only help to tenderise your meat, it will also give it a great tender. This marinade works best with lamb or beef.

We hope this list will inspire you to keep some of the tea bags you get through each day. While you’re making your cuppas at work using your Billi tap,  ensure you remember to keep your tea bags when you’ve finished making your brew. Keep your used tea bags in a small ziplock bag and store them until you finish work then take them home and make the most of them!