How to Save Space, Energy and Time in the Workplace

01 Jun 2018

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The Billi SET Advantage

Saving Space, Energy and Time in a Workplace Environment

People say ‘time is money’, but so are space and energy. Using space effectively means you can fit in more employees, but with special spaces for breaks and co-working, and increase productivity. Using energy efficiently, and using smart products can mean lower electricity bills.

Lower bills mean saving money. Combine the three elements of space, energy and time, and you’re guaranteed to make big savings, have efficient working and happy employees. Billi’s unique heat-exchange system uses change-of-state technology this harvests the heat energy generated during the chilling cycle to preheat the water going into the boiling tank enabling you to achieve substantial energy savings.

Saving space in the workplace and having a carefully thought out floor plan is essential. Making sure employees have enough room to work, but also making sure there are zones for collaborative working and chill out spaces is key. Carefully thought out offices are proven to help improve motivation and productivity of employees in the workplace.

For any size businesses, using space carefully is vital. If you can save on renting or buying more office space by switching to a clever layout, it can save money. This is especially true in areas of particularly steep rent, such as central London. In these spaces, design your office with the employee in mind, and encourage employees to utilise their own desk or office space as effectively as possible too.

At Billi, we understand the constraints of space in inner-city offices. Even if you don’t work in a city, you know that using up unnecessary space can be frustrating when you’re limited to the size of the office. That’s why we design all our products with space in mind.

Our focus on space saving has led us to develop products that are often over half the size when compared to our competitors. This gives us the edge when it comes to working with clients who don’t have a huge amount of space to play with. These clients also certainly don’t want to be using up what precious space they do have with a clunky water heater using lots of power.

Owing to the fact that our systems fit under-counter, we are able to offer a space-saving alternative to most mainstream drinking water systems. Billi are proud to be the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled drinking water system.


Saving money on electricity bills is something you’re probably looking to do in your own home. With Billi, we can extend energy saving possibilities to the workplace. Here at Billi, we are committed to energy efficiency, which is why our products are so innovative in the way they use and save energy.

Billi’s unique heat-exchange system uses change-of-state technology allowing a large amount of heat to be absorbed and stored. Typically, this heat, generated during the chilling cycle, is wasted to the atmosphere. we recover this waste heat energy to preheat the boiling water enabling our systems to achieve substantial energy savings.

By harvesting the waste heat generated by the chilled water cooling cycle,  we can then reuse it to preheat the water entering the hot water tank. This design provides a massive CO2 energy saving compared to conventional boiling and chilled units.

Then, combine these energy saving capabilities with our Time Clock, Sleep Mode and Eco Mode, you can rest easy knowing that you are saving every day on your energy bills, but still have instant water at the touch of a button throughout the day from your Billi Taps.

On average, Billi taps will cost you around 9p a day. This is extremely low, and factors in all energy and water usage too. To calculate how much you could be saving using a Billi system, use our green calculator.

For example, this Billi calculator compares our systems against a kettle for 20-40 users who want boiling and chilled water from their Billi system. While the Billi system uses far less power, it also costs less to use. Around 30p less. If you saved 30p every day, that’s a saving of over £109 every year. Not only does it cost less to run – for any companies who are focusing on sustainability this year, Billi is the obvious choice. The kettle emits around 2.87KG of CO2 a day, while the eco-friendly Billi systems emit around 0.74.

These small difference add up and can help your business transition into a more sustainable and environmentally aware one. If you don’t believe us, why not learn from Costa, Mothercare or Ocado? All these big businesses have switched to Billi for the financial and energy savings that can be made.


Everybody knows that in the workplace, time is money. Billi offers fast delivery of boiling, chilled or sparkling water at maximum output.

Boiling Delivery      90-250 cups per hour

Chilled Delivery      60-175

Sparkling Delivery 60-120

Waiting around for kettles to boil or water to cool takes up valuable time in the working day. Billi eliminates this time and means your employees have more time doing what they’re supposed to – working, collaborating and being productive!

Billi taps dispense chilled, boiling or sparkling water at the touch of a button. No waiting around, no wasting energy an no clunky and obtrusive water systems around the office. All our products are designed with user in mind. They’re fast, efficient, environmentally friendly and compact. Id you’d like to learn more about how you’d benefit from the Billi advantage, please get in touch.