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Billi Quadra XL 460

Why Choose Billi For Office Water Dispensers and Filtration Systems

Office water dispensers are a great addition to any office. Keeping employees hydrated can boost productivity & mood, having chilled or sparkling water on tap is great for entertaining clients, they can…

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Billi and the environment

Why Choose Billi For Eco-Friendly Water Filter Systems

Eco-friendly water filters give you fresh, great tasting high quality water whilst minimising impact on the planet. Below is information on our unique innovative technology that makes our water filters some of…

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Boiling Tap

Why Choose Billi For Commercial Water Dispensers And Taps

There are many benefits to having a commercial water dispenser installed in your office or commercial space. Making it easier and more enticing for your employees to stay hydrated can enhance their…

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Billi Quadra 460 in Matte Black

How To Choose A Chilled Water Tap

Instant chilled water on tap is a fantastic thing to have in your home or office. Even better if it’s filtered water that has all the nasties removed and tastes great. However,…

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Billi Configurator

Benefits Of Under Sink Water Filter Systems

There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to water filters and it can be confusing to determine which type is right for your requirements. Below we list…

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