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Bottle-filling over-sink Billi Tap

Free Water Refill Points to be Introduced Across the Country

Will Free Water Refill Points Reduce Plastic Water Bottle Waste? We covered the growing problem of plastic waste in one of our recent posts, and this is one of the most recent…

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Sustainability in the Workplace: How to Go Green

How to Improve Your Office Sustainability Going green is no longer just a “trend”. It’s a conscious decision that businesses are making to protect the future of the planet and the environment. Not…

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metabolism tea

Teas That Can Help Boost Your Metabolism

Did you Know Tea Could Help You Stay Slim? The summer has come to an end. Now might be a good time to ask – did you manage to keep up all…

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Is Drinking Filtered Water Actually Better For You?

Filtered Water Done The Billi Way Billi’s partnership with Pentair means we are able to create the most technologically advanced filtration for boiling and chilled filtered water systems. The filters we use…

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Bulletproof Coffee is Taking the Health World by Storm

Haven’t Heard of Bulletproof Coffee Yet? You Best Read This Coffee is most people’s go-to for energy in the morning. But, it’s just been stepped up a level. The most recent craze?…

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