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national refill day

Help Decrease Plastic Pollution with National Refill Day

Decrease Plastic Pollution with National Refill Day! The days of disregarding plastic as pollution are over. The public and multimillion pound corporations have finally come to realise the detrimental effect it has…

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Alder Centre

Billi Donates to the Alder Centre

Billi Donates to Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects for their Fundraising Bike Ride for the Alder Centre Here, at Billi, we believe it’s important to support and care for our customers in…

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conscious shopping

Learn to Shop Consciously With These Tips

How You Can Shop Consciously  As a consumer, we’re typically more interested in value above anything else.  However, studies have recently shown that our concerns when shopping have started to change. In…

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9p a Day. This is All Your Billi Tap Will Cost You.

The Billi Advantage One of the primary reasons why companies choose Billi is our pledge to help the environment. Unlike other traditional water systems such as kettles or coolers, Billi systems use…

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copper drinking cup

Drinking from Copper – Is It Good for You?

Are there Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper? Drinking water from glass bottles or glass cups is such a routine thing for us to do. Whether waking up in the middle of…

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