Clerkenwell Design Week 2019: The Billi UK Round Up


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Clerkenwell Design Week: Billi Round Up

A Roundup from our time at Clerkenwell Design Week

This week we’re back in the office after a great time at the 10th Anniversary of Clerkenwell Design Week. For those that don’t know, (although we’re not sure how you’ve missed us talking about it until now) Clerkenwell is one of the top design shows in the UK. The independent design festival is situated in the home of design, Clerkenwell.

clerkenwell design week

Elixr of Life Candle

This year, we were proud to be chosen as one of 10 key sponsors of the event. As one of the main sponsors, we were also invited to create a 4-sided candle that we felt accurately represented everything Billi in honor of the 10th anniversary of the festival.

Our ‘Elixr of Life’ candle covered 4 key stories that capture the essence of the Billi brand. Hydration, biophilic design, aesthetics and the Billi SET advantage. It was a privilege to be able to show off our innovative designs to the design industry and give people the chance to see what Billi taps are all about. We do not just offer dispensers, but an actual hydration solution providing instant and limitless boiling, chilled and sparkling water.

Elixr of Life Candle

The Billi Stand

The Billi stand at Clerkenwell Design Week featured 12 different samples, finishes and dispensers as well as a working demo tap. The demo tap was there to show exactly how quick our systems are, dispensing boiling and chilled water at the touch of a button. We were able to demonstrate on site exactly how the system worked. We also gave people the option to try Billi water that we provided in our Billi glass bottles ready for drinking in our signature chilled and sparkling.

As well as giving live demonstrations on the stand, we were also treating people to Billi travel mugs and 500ml water bottles. Our Billi water bottles are made out of glass. This is to encourage the use of reusable bottles made out of sustainable materials, as opposed to plastic single-use bottles. Hopefully, our reusable water vessels will be effective in encouraging all visitors to change the way they hydrate in the office by switching to reusable cups and mugs etc.

The Billi Stand

The Clerkenwell Design Week Crowd

Over the course of the festival, we met some inspiring architects and designers. These individuals were working on projects and looking to specify our sustainable Billi taps for offices between 10-500+ people.

While talking to these designers and architects, we found that a primary requirement for the products they were looking to specify was that they were sustainable, new and innovative. Everybody is looking for products that can deliver on the highest standards. That’s why all of Billi’s accreditations are so important for specifiers. We are BREEAM certified and have Chas & Safe Contractor Accreditations.

Designers and architects are putting more effort into choosing the right appliances and products for their office space. The 3 days at Clerkenwell allowed conversations with architects and so on to ensure they were finding the perfect products to specify on their projects. We also engaged in plenty of interesting conversation about green office spaces, sustainable hydration, and much more.

The Whole Experience

The festival was a great experience for us here at Billi. All of our sales team were involved too, whether based in Norwich, London or up north! We had the pleasure of being visited by some of our existing customers who came to say hello as well as new contacts that we haven’t worked with before.

biophilic office space

And of course, we can’t finish this post without mentioning the lovely sunny weather too! From sunrise to sunset we were blessed with fantastic weather which saw us through lots of great networking events. Throughout the 3 days, we also got involved with other showrooms where we had the chance to socialise with other businesses. For us, one of the best was the event in Fabric which focused specifically on lights. It was a fabulous display, displaying some of the latest innovation.

The festival did not just focus on the working hours of 9-5. They really offered a 3-day programme, with events and networking carrying on after offices hours. These events captured the essence of exactly what is trendy in the commercial space.

That must be why, year after year, Clerkenwell Design Week is growing! This year, it captured around 4000 registrants, all seeking out lots of inspiration and ideas. That’s exactly what we got, and it’s priceless.