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Are Kettles Going out of Fashion?

Why Kettles are going out of style. In the workplace, there are 3 main factors for consideration when choosing systems of any kind. How will it affect Space, Energy and Time? The…

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Office Design Trends Over the Years: How have they changed?

How Have Office Design Trends Changed? The way we work has changed drastically over the years. Reflecting – and often driving – this change is the transformation of the traditional working space…

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office kitchen design 2020

5 Important Things to Consider when Designing an Office Kitchen

Consider These 5 Things for Your Office Kitchen Design An office kitchen can make or break a workplace. A badly designed kitchen will invoke frustration and irritability, affecting mood and hampering productivity.…

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herbal teas for health

Herbal Teas: Unpacking the truth behind herbal blends

Do Herbal Teas Fulfil All Their Promises? If you use social media, you’ve probably seen an advert for skinny tea, or a detox tea or some kind. It’s hard to avoid herbal…

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coffee culture around the world

Coffee Culture Around the World and How it Varies

Coffee Culture: How do different cultures affect drinking habits Everybody has their routines when it comes to coffee. Some people have to drink one first thing, others have a decaf after work…

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