12 Mar 2019

Category: Educational

Carbonated Water: Is It Better to Have a High Volume of Carbonation?

What is Carbonation? Great carbonation is the key to great sparkling beverages. The tingly, tiny bubbles add to the experience of ...

11 Mar 2019

Category: Company News

Keep Your Customers Happy: Reselling Taps with Billi

Reselling Billi Taps If your clients are in need of boiling, chilled or sparkling taps, then look no further than Billi. ...

06 Mar 2019

Category: Company News

Analysis of Boiling and Chilled Water Systems

Boiling and Chilled Water Systems: Taking a Closer Look If you're considering installing a boiling or chilled water system in your ...

01 Mar 2019

Category: Educational

Want to Cut Back on Caffeine? Switch to Decaf

Thinking of Making the Switch to Decaf? Decaf options offer a great way to still enjoy some drinks without the added ...

25 Feb 2019

Category: Educational

Sparkling Vs. Still Water – Who Will Win?

Sparkling Water – is it better than plain old tap water? Carbonated water is water that has been infused with carbon ...