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workplace wellness incentives

Is Workplace Wellness Now the Biggest Incentive?

It’s no longer about the pay cheque for many people, as work now also needs to provide workplace wellness incentives that support work-life balance.  The traditional workplace of being chained to a…

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alkaline water

A Review of Alkaline Water – Fad or Health Fix

If you haven’t been following the health news lately you may not have heard of alkaline water. But if your finger is firmly on the beat of all things health then you…

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facts about water

10 Incredible Facts About Water You Never Knew

As the world’s leading supplier of water systems, we know a thing or two about water. Which is why we thought we’d share some amazing facts about water you never knew.  So…

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filtered water for pets

Is Filtered Water Good For Our Pets?

 In the UK, 8% of employees are allowed to take their dogs to work. With this in mind, we wanted to answer the question of whether filtered water is good for our…

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microplastics in drinking water

What We Know About Microplastics in Drinking Water

Recent scientific studies have discovered microplastics in drinking water, as well as freshwater sources. This most recent study conducted in May 2019 analysed multiple water sources. Including river and lake water, groundwater,…

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