29 Oct 2018

Category: Eco News & Information

Biophilic Workspaces. What Are They & How Do They Affect Productivity?

First of all, what does Biophilic exactly mean? ‘Biophilia’, in simple terms, is the love of life and natural things. It ...

25 Oct 2018

Category: Educational Information

Recycling at Work – Why is it So Important?

Why do we need to recycle? Researchers have announced that we need to make drastic changes in the four big global ...

23 Oct 2018

Category: Educational Information

Are There any Health Benefits from Drinking Filtered Water?

Can drinking filtered water contribute to a healthy lifestyle? We are all aware of how important it is to get our ...

17 Oct 2018

Category: Health News & Information

Can Drinking Green Tea Benefit my Health?

Can Green tea help my health? Green Tea; we've seen it everywhere. Raved about by social media influencers, nutritionists and dietitians, ...

15 Oct 2018

Category: Educational Information

Sparkling Water Taps in the Workplace – What Are the Benefits?

How can water taps help with productivity? Increase positive productivity by making getting a drink easier for your colleagues. Installing water ...