13 Aug 2018

Category: Eco

Why Are Plastic Straws Such a Problem?

Forgive the Pun, But Here's Why Plastic Straws Suck It's time for us to cut single-use plastic out of our lives. ...

10 Aug 2018

Category: Health

Coffee Can Make You Live Longer

Could Your Morning Coffee Prolong Your Life? Most of us rely on a cup of coffee to get us up in ...

09 Aug 2018

Category: Eco

Is Canned Water the Way Forward?

Tesco Now Stocks Canned Water The plastic waste battle has and will continue to be a long one. Our oceans are ...

02 Aug 2018

Category: Company News

A Specifiers Guide to Sustainable Water Filtration Systems

Sustainable Water Filtration Systems The world over, people are becoming increasingly environmentally aware. From schools to workplaces, and especially in the ...

02 Aug 2018

Category: Educational

How Much Caffeine is in Your Favourite Drinks?

What's the Caffeine Content of Your Favourite Drinks? Caffeine is used by many as a crutch. For those of us who ...