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Parkeray - new office - Billi Taps

Why Billi Water Systems Are The Best for Office Kitchens

Here’s Why You Should Use Billi Systems If you’re thinking about installing Billi taps in your workplace, you’re about to make a great decision! With sleek designs that come in a variety…

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billi bottling system

Billi Bottling Systems: Making Meeting Room Refreshment Easy

Bottling Systems For When Taps Won’t Cut It Proper hydration in the workplace is essential. If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll know it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about…

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wellbeing at work

How to Ensure Wellbeing in the Workplace

Happy Staff = Productive Staff. Here’s How to Ensure Wellbeing Over the winter months, staff motivation and feelings of contentment can be at an all time low. Coming back to work after…

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peppermint tea benefits

Peppermint Tea: Digestion Aid or Health Myth?

Peppermint Tea Fan? Here’s Why it’s So Good For You Plenty of herbal teas claim health benefits, but peppermint tea is truly one of the good ones. The herbal, mint-based tea has…

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dairy-free milk alternative

Why You Should Try Dairy-Free Alternatives in Coffee

Why Dairy Alternatives In Coffee Are Causing Such A Stir Like many coffee lovers, we have spent a lot of time perfecting the exact flavour that we want from our coffee. But with…

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