05 Sep 2018

Category: Educational Information

New Research Says Coffee Can Help You Live Longer

Most people drink coffee to bring them back to life in the morning - but new studies suggest it won't ...

05 Sep 2018

Category: Company News

Billi is Moving Office! How to Prepare For an Office Move

Moving offices is no small task, however. It requires full input from everybody - from the biggest challenges of finding ...

30 Aug 2018

Category: Eco News & Information

The Latte Levy is One Step Closer to Happening

Watch Out Coffee Drinkers, The Latte Levy is Coming If you're one of those people who can't go a day without ...

29 Aug 2018

Category: Health News & Information

Why Drinking From a Glass Bottle is Better

Why You Need to Stop Drinking From Plastic Bottles We admit, drinking from plastic bottles is convenient. You can grab one ...

28 Aug 2018

Category: Health News & Information

How Do You Drink Your Tea Every Day?

How Do You Like Your Tea in the Morning? The drinking of tea is a truly British tradition, we love it ...