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Everything You Need to Consider When Moving Office

We’re Moving! Here Are the Challenges We Faced After many months of waiting, the Billi UK team is now eagerly anticipating our move. In 3 weeks, we will be moving into our…

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water bottle fashion

Are Reusable Water Bottles the Next Fashion Statement?

Are Reusable Water Bottles Becoming a Fashion Statement? As plastic is shunned by the public, will reusable water bottles become the next fashion statement? Apparently so, according to the £5.5 billion reusable…

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Hot Lemon Water – Is It As Good for You as People Say?

Are there benefits of drinking hot lemon water everyday? The days of drinking your morning cup of coffee or tea are almost over. Nowadays, people are looking for alternative drinks to start…

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Can drinking from Single Use Plastic Bottles harm us?

The dangers of Single Use Plastic Bottles We’ve all been there, rushing out the door to work, school or college and grabbing the nearest plastic bottle that lies sitting on the kitchen…

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Loose Leaf Tea – What are the Benefits of drinking it?

Why choose loose leaf tea over traditional tea bags? Other than water, the most consumed drink around the world is tea. Hot or iced, tea can be had at any time and…

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