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Are There any Health Benefits from Drinking Filtered Water?

Can drinking filtered water contribute to a healthy lifestyle? We are all aware of how important it is to get our 2 litres of water a day. But, how can we make…

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Can Drinking Green Tea Benefit my Health?

Can Green tea help my health? Green Tea; we’ve seen it everywhere. Raved about by social media influencers, nutritionists and dietitians, it’s no wonder it’s one of the latest health crazes. Green…

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Sparkling Water Taps in the Workplace – What Are the Benefits?

How can water taps help with productivity? Increase positive productivity by making getting a drink easier for your colleagues. Installing water taps into the workplace can bring instant results. Waiting for the…

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what is matcha tea

An Investigation into Matcha Tea. What, When, Where Did it Come From?

So, You Think you Know Everything About Matcha Tea… Matcha Tea has been a major buzzword in the health industry recently. It joins the ranks of kale, quinoa, and acai, as a…

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why is my water fishy

Do You Have Water That Smells Fishy? Here’s Why…

Why does my water smell like fish? The first thing when you think of water is the fresh, crisp and refreshing taste. What you don’t think of is the smell of fish.…

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