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Does Drinking Ice-Cold Water on a Hot Day Cool You Down?

Try Drinking a Hot Drink Next Time You’re Hot When it’s hot outside, all you want to do is gulp down ice cold water. Cold water will keep you cool, right? Well……

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Resuable Water Bottles Are Still Not Being Used

Start Using Your Reusable Water Bottles, Before It’s Too Late Across the UK, people are still not using reusable water bottles. After Blue Planet II showed the horrors of plastic pollution, it…

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Should You Drink Extra Water on a Hot Day?

Hot Day? You Need to Drink More Water Than Usual The past few days have been the hottest of the year so far. With the temperature rising, your body with be sweating…

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An Investigation into Raw Water, Tap Water and Bottled Water

What is Best for You? Raw Water, Bottled, or Tap? You might think of water is just that, water. But, ask anybody, and they’ll have a preference for either bottled, tap or…

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Brighton Marathon Completed for Mental Health Charity, Mind

Brighton Marathon Completed by Our Star Marketing Manager Last week, we covered the story of our marketing manager, Simona Whyte, preparing to run the 2018 Brighton Marathon. Simona decided to take on…

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