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hamlet centre norwich

Billi Are Supporting The Hamlet Centre Trust

Billi Supports the Hamlet Centre Trust Here at Billi, the way our customers are supported is one of our main priorities. We strive for a world-class customer service experience, to get this…

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How to Encourage Employees to Recycle at Work

6 Tips to Get Your Employees to Recycle at Work You may recycle at home, but do you recycle at work? Workplaces are full of paper, disposable coffee cups, cardboard and more.…

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British afternoon tea

How to Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon Tea Week Celebrations ‘Afternoon tea week’ is a celebration of one of Britain’s timeless traditions. It is the perfect excuse to bring family and friends together. Drink delicious tea, eat delectable…

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Why Are Plastic Straws Such a Problem?

Forgive the Pun, But Here’s Why Plastic Straws Suck It’s time for us to cut single-use plastic out of our lives. For too long, the ocean has been a dumping ground for…

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coffee lengthens life

Coffee Can Make You Live Longer

Could Your Morning Coffee Prolong Your Life? Most of us rely on a cup of coffee to get us up in the morning. It starts our days and brings us energy when…

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