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copper drinking cup

Drinking from Copper – Is It Good for You?

Are there Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper? Drinking water from glass bottles or glass cups is such a routine thing for us to do. Whether waking up in the middle of…

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caffeinated drinks

How Can You Improve Your Energy Levels Without Coffee?

Food & Drink That Will Boost Your Energy Levels Many of us head straight for a cup of coffee if we’re feeling tired. And rightly so. It’s high in caffeine and can…

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hyponatremia water intoxication

Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Water? Sometimes, you just can’t quench your thirst. Glass after glass of water, and you’re still thirsty. You might think that it’s ok to just…

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research on coffee

New Research Says Coffee Can Help You Live Longer

Most people drink coffee to bring them back to life in the morning – but new studies suggest it won’t only make you feel more alive, it could genuinely help you live…

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Billi is Moving Office! How to Prepare For an Office Move

Moving offices is no small task, however. It requires full input from everybody – from the biggest challenges of finding a new office building, to the smaller tasks of clearing out desks.…

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