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Billi Case Studies: Saffery Champness

Why Saffery Champness Chose Billi UK Moving offices means you have the opportunity to make changes to your workplace. Fresh ideas and initiatives can be put in place. When moving into new…

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Which Coffee Pairings Best Accompany Which Foods?

Coffee and Food – How to Pair Them? For some people, coffee is the fuel of life. In the morning, you have a mug with your breakfast, and in the evening, you…

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Hydration in the Workplace and Why It’s Important

Why You Need to Keep Your Workforce Hydrated When you’re in the office working on multiple projects, sometimes hydration can be the last thing on your mind. Between emails and phone calls…

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Take a Look at Some of the Most Sustainable Office Buildings in the UK

Some of the Most Sustainable Office Buildings in the UK Sustainable and eco-friendly office buildings not only help to keep staff motivated in the workplace but also contribute to helping the environment.…

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Water Tracker - Billi Water Bottles With Time

How to Improve Your Drinking Water Habits

Are You Drinking Enough Water? Unlikely… The recommended daily water intake from professionals is 6 – 8 glasses a day. Alongside your cups of coffee and tea throughout the day, this can…

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