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Single Use Plastics Banned by the BBC

Plastic Crackdown Enforced by the BBC After Blue Planet II Plastic waste has a harmful effect on ocean life. Since the end of Blue Planet II, it seems as though this is…

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Cape Town is About to Run Out of Water – Where’s Next?

Cities Most Likely to Run Out of Drinking Water With the shocking news breaking that Cape Town is about to be the first city in the world to run out of drinking…

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Everything You Need When You Move Into a New Office

Moving Into a New Office? Don’t Overlook These Things Moving into a new office can be stressful. Besides the obvious moving of furniture and people, there’s still lots to consider. The process…

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Your Water Consumption and the Water You Eat

Do You Know How Much Water You Consume? Your water consumption is quite simply the volume of water you use. For individuals, this is measured in litres. This measurement becomes your individual…

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A Detailed Guide to Caffeine in Coffee

Caffeine, Coffee and the Effect on Your Body Drinking a mug of coffee is how many people start their day. Whether they buy it from a coffee shop or brew it at…

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