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Here Are the 3 Proper Ways to Brew Tea – Give It a Go!

Think You Know How to Brew Tea? Think Again. Everybody likes tea in different ways. Whether you have sugar or sweetener, soya or dairy, there are little things that make your cup…

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milk alternatives for coffee

The Best Milk Substitutes for your Coffee (and Maybe Tea)

Milk Substitutes That Are Perfect for Coffee (and maybe tea!) Whether you’re trying to cut back on dairy, are going vegan, or are looking for a healthier alternative, there’s plenty of milk substitutes…

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Bubble Tea – Food Craze or Genuinely Yummy?

Make Your Own Bubble Tea Bubble tea is taking the world by storm. You can hardly go into a shopping mall without seeing a bubble tea shop anymore. But is the drink…

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When You Drink Tea, How Does It Affect Your Brain?

What Happens to Your Brain When You Drink Tea? Normally, people focus on the effects of coffee on the brain rather than tea. However, they seem to forget that tea has its…

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billi uk environmental concerns

Environmental Concerns That We Can All Help Reduce

How Many Environmental Concerns Can We Help Reduce? Earth is currently facing many environmental concerns. From hurricanes to forest fires, it seems like the world is environmentally unsettled. Unfortunately, human activity is…

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