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office kitchen checklist

Our Essential Checklist For Your Office Kitchen

Everything You Need For Your Office Kitchen Office kitchens can be the heart of your business. It’s where your staff can unwind, refuel and relax during breaks or in the morning. They…

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Is There a Perfect Temperature for Coffee & Tea?

There are few things worse than a cup of tea or coffee in the morning that’s too hot or that’s gotten cold. When you’ve been thinking about your first mug all morning,…

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stop using plastic bottles

Why You Really Shouldn’t Refill Your Plastic Water Bottle

It’s Time to Chuck Your Plastic Water Bottle Away It’s something that we all do. Grab an empty disposable plastic water bottle, fill it up, and think nothing of it. However, research…

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calorie content of drinks

Watching Your Weight? Check Out the Calorie Content of Your Favourite Drinks

The Calorie Content of Your Favourite Drinks May Surprise You Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or simply be more healthy, you can’t avoid paying attention to calories. Most people carefully watch…

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how to avoid dehydration

What Happens to Your Body When You Get Dehydrated?

Do You Know the Effects of Dehydration on the Body? We all know it’s important to drink water. But, do we know why? From an early age, we are encouraged to drink…

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