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caffeine addiction

What Are the Actual Effects of Caffeine on the Brain?

Effects of Caffeine on Your Brain – What Does it Actually Do? Coffee is seen as liquid gold in some parts of the world. It is high-performance brain fuel that most of…

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office plants

Trends for Modern Office Design in 2017

Office Design Trends for Your Workplace Most of us spend eight hours a day or more at work. As such, it’s essential that workplaces are motivational and inspiring. Alongside the people we…

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what is in tap water

Do You Know What You’re Drinking?

What’s Actually in Your Drinking Water? Every day, people drink water from taps. Both at home, and in the office. But what is actually in your drinking water? The UK has some…

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sparkling water cleaning

10 Surprising Uses for Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water Uses You May Not Have Thought Of Sparkling water is a great thirst quencher. On a hot summer’s day, the bubbles really hit the spot. Mix with cordial and it’s…

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boiling tap system

Want to Switch to Billi? Check Out These Case Studies

Let These Client Testimonials Convince You to Switch to Billi Sometimes, facts and figures aren’t enough. You want to hear real feedback and genuine reviews about products or services before committing to…

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