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sustainable coffee

4 Ways Your Morning Coffee Can Do Good

How Your Morning Coffee Can Help the Earth and Others Drinking coffee every day is a standard action for most people. But have you ever thought past the cup in front of…

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Refreshing Summer Drinks Ideas

Staying hydrated during summer is vital. Hot weather means we need to drink more as we lose fluid through our sweat. However, drinking 7 glasses of still water a day can get…

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Is Your Workplace Energy Efficient?

How to Cut Costs and Be Energy Efficient in the Workplace It seems hard for businesses to be energy efficient. Between large workforces and little knowledge on how to reduce energy use,…

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Instant Breakfast Ideas – Perfect for the Workplace

Breaking Your Fast with Billi UK So many of us miss the most important meal of the day. The average person sleeps for 6-9 hours each night. This is 6-9 hours without…

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Cup of tea - instantly with Billi Taps

Types of Tea – Heat Up Your Drinking Habits

Which Tea Do You Go For During the Work Day? You may have heard us banging on about hydration. Specifically about hydration in the workplace. That’s because drinking water is essential for…

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