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Do you suffer with long delays on breakdowns with your filtered water systems?

For facilities managers and office managers, ensuring water systems are running efficiently is a top priority. Having a workforce that has access to fresh, filtered drinking water means a hydrated and motivated team.

For many office managers though, the water systems in place in their work environment will have been installed prior to them starting their job. This means that taking stock of the water systems in place is essential. By performing an asset inventory, one is able to analyse the age, cleanliness and any potential faults of the system.

We know that for office managers who look after a few different offices, keeping track of how old the current water systems are, or finding good servicing and maintenance for the systems in place can be tricky. That’s why Billi UK are going to be offering free assessments of water systems – regardless of the brand, so that you can keep track of the water systems in place, and get a detailed asset inventory of your equipment.