Our Effort to Reduce Single-Use Plastic? Billi Reusable Travel Mugs

10 May 2018

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Billi Reusable Travel Mugs Will be Available Soon

It feels like we’re often covering the topic of plastic waste. It’s a huge problem, and unless we make a pledge to change, it shows no sign of slowing down. Each individual must take responsibility for their own actions when it comes to plastic waste. As a global brand, we understand our responsibility to be environmentally and eco-friendly. If we make a stand against plastic waste, we hope others will follow. As such, we are developing a range of re-usable travel mugs to help our customers and clients cut down on single-use plastic. If we can help make a difference, and help reduce plastic waste, the Billi pledge of sustainability will be upheld.

Over the past few years, we have been supplying reusable glass bottles that have been branded with the Billi logo. These reusable bottles have been great for offices and conference rooms, and have meant single-use plastic cups have not had to be used. However, we have decided we need to take it one step further. Glass bottles may be great when you’re in the office, but they are not that practical on the go. After undertaking extensive research on how Billi could contribute to our client’s journey towards environmental and eco-friendliness, we decided we needed to create something they could use on the go.

Reusable Travel Mugs

We have clients that work in every industry imaginable. One thing they all have in common? They are fast-paced and innovative. We know the Billi products are innovative – our taps and water systems take us far less space and energy than our competitors. Unfortunately though, if our clients or even our own employees left the office – they were often refilling single-use plastic bottles that eventually ended up in the bin. Now though, we have created re-usable travel mugs that will be available to all clients.

The travel mugs will be available to all companies we work with, and available to purchase for all their members of staff. To keep a uniform front when out and about and keep a consistent brand image, the mugs will be available to personalise for each business. That means when employees leave the office, they are not only helping prevent single-use plastic waste, they are also representing the company they work for while sipping on their coffee. Win, win!

We felt inspired to do something that could make a difference. Billi has always had an environmentally-friendly stance since the business started in the 80’s. Now though, if things don’t change, plastic waste will ruin the fragile ocean ecosystems and contribute to global warming. This is why we have created these mugs now, as we think it’s time everybody who can do something, does.

Unfortunately, 90% of disposable coffee cups are not recyclable. Despite looking like they are made of paper or cardboard, they way they are made makes them incredibly hard to recycle due to the materials being combined and hard to split apart. Every single minute, around one million cups end up in landfill around the world. This is why we want to make a change. By switching to a reusable cup, you can help reduce plastic waste, and what a thing to be a part of! So, tell your friends to switch to a reusable cup. We won’t be upset if it’s not a Billi travel mug, just make sure it’s reusable. We just want change, and it needs to happen now before it’s too late.

The Brand Influence

Everywhere you drink coffee should refill a pre-brought reusable mug. Some places may even give you a discount for bringing a reusable travel mug. Waitrose for example, will now only serve their free coffee to patrons who bring their own reusable travel mug with them. And, even huge corporations such as Starbucks are now making a pledge to help reduce plastic waste. Knowing how many cups are thrown away from their coffee shops around the globe, they are now trialling a 5p charge on single-use cups at some of their branches. The question is, will this make enough of a difference? Will charging people, or giving them discounts be enough of an incentive to make them change.

Unfortunately though, giving discounts or charging extra for single-use plastic only really has an effect on people financially. Financial incentives may not be enough – but hopefully, people will think past their pockets, and consider the environmental implications of non-reusable cups. Financial incentives play to the fact that most people do have to be persuaded with some form of benefit in order to make a change. The issue is with single-use coffee cups though, is that they are convenient. Convenience often takes priority over financial or even environmental effects for most people.

Perhaps the biggest influence that has shocked people to change was Blue Planet II, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. The series unveiled the true effect that plastic has on the ocean,  and it’s surrounding ecosystems. But, has it been enough to spark change? “Lakeland, the kitchenware shop, reports that sales of reusable travel mugs have doubled this past month alone compared with December, while Argos says sales are up 537 percent” according to the Daily Mail.  This suggests that slowly but surely, people are committed to making a change.

Carrying around a reusable coffee cup or travel mug all day may seem bulky and frustrating, but it is a small price to pay. Ultimately, it will be a collection of small changes that make the biggest difference. Although the problem may seem monumental, it is down to the individual to make environmentally conscious decisions, and up to big businesses and brands with influence to try and educate and raise awareness.

By 2042, the British government has pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste. In order to do this, the crackdown is placed heavily on throwaway plastics. Our travel mugs are just a small effort towards this greater change, but we hope by introducing them and offering them to our clients we can all come together and make a genuine difference.