Trying To Reduce Your Plastic Usage? Try These Ideas

13 Jun 2018

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Reduce Your Plastic Usage in Ways You May Not Have Thought Of

On a mission to reduce plastic usage in your daily life? Good! So are we. Even if they seem like small differences, making changes to the way you consume or use plastic is essential. Plastic is one of the biggest problems of modern society, and if we don’t think about the way we use it, nothing will change. In some of our previous blog posts, we’ve covered some simple ways to reduce your plastic usage. But, what about the ways you may not have thought of?

Avoid Air Fresheners

As opposed to using plastic contained air fresheners or spray, try something natural. Beeswax candles or incense sticks give off a great natural scent and reduce the need for plastic air freshener sprays.

Use Glass/Metal Containers

When it comes to skincare, hair care or beauty products, think smart. If you can, try to find products that are in glass jars, or even better, find somewhere you can refill or reuse your current plastic containers.

Avoid Microbeads

Microbeads are tiny plastic beads that are found in beauty and skin care products. They are helpful for exfoliating, but also incredibly damaging to the ocean’s eco-system. The tiny beads can be found in the stomachs of fish or seabirds as they are non-biodegradable.

Wear Natural Fibres

For every wash of single piece of clothing made of synthetic fibres, 1,900 fibres come off. This is one of the most common types of plastic pollution in our oceans, and you might not even know you’re contributing to it.

Stop Using Single-Use Coffee Pods

They may be convenient, but single-use coffee pods are no good for the environment. The pods can only be used once, and after that, they make their way to the landfill. Coffee machines may be easy to use, but they are not environmentally friendly. If you’re really looking to cut down on your plastic use, purchase coffee grounds from a local coffee shop in paper packaging, and use your Billi tap to make the perfect cup of coffee – guilt free.

Use Foil or Greaseproof

When you wrap your lunch for work every day, what do you use? It’s tempting to use those handy plastic sandwich or food bags, but it’s not good for the environment. Instead, try and switch your food bags to aluminium foil, or beeswax paper (greaseproof).

Get Glass Condiments

Next time you’re shopping for sauces, make sure to choose a glass bottle. They may not be easy-squeezy, but you are making a difference by switching to glass rather than plastic.

Skip Freezer Food

Where you can, avoid eating ready meals or freezer food. This kind of food is usually heavy packaged in unnecessary plastic. Try to eat fresh food that you cook, or choose food that has minimal or recyclable packaging.

Which of these ideas will you be implementing to help reduce your plastic usage? If you have any more suggestions, we’d love to know.