Work 2.0 - The Future of Work (25-26th May)

Come and see us at the Stand #7 (Business Design Centre)

Work 2.0

There is no doubt that the world has changed. Technology has evolved and in turn given rise to a more global, mobile and connected workforce, making company cultures comprising of a wide spectrum of attitudes from multiple generations, background and skillsets and creating the potential to be much more innovative.

But what happens to the current business models and strategies? In order to survive in the new world of work, business leaders must review and re-evaluate their understanding and investment in their assets in terms of technology, space and workforce.

Work 2.0, which takes place on the 25th and 26th of May in London, will gather over 100 speakers from throughout Europe, providing a platform for leaders to discuss not only the workplace of the future but everything that this comprises including the crucial importance of employee wellness within the company of tomorrow.

Some of the main issues to be discussed include:

  • Future of Work: Next generation workers, office connectivity, location, smart buildings, global collaboration, AI, diversity and office design.
  • Wellness at Work: Mental and physical health in the workplace, wellness strategies, mindfulness, sustainability, and gamification.

Billi Taps – filtered drinking water without costly environmental impact

As more workplaces demanded pure filtered drinking water; a safe and attractive alternative to standard appliances was essential. Billi launched the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled water system in the early 1990s. Furthermore, Billi was also the first to offer the choice of filtered boiling and chilled drinking water from a single tap. Because of the benefits of a neatly concealed under-counter drinking water system,  Billi systems were instantly recognised and embraced.

Today, we continue to innovate. Our designs keep pace with modern building techniques, contemporary interior concepts and changing lifestyle choices. And importantly, all our products continue to incorporate improved eco-technology features.

Come and visit our stand during this event to discuss your workplace requirements. As we are one of the official Wellness Partners, our clients have been given a 15% discount on the registration fees. Please use code: CLCK to claim your discount.