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Leading the Billi commercial range, the Quadra boiling and chilled range offers unrivalled performance and efficiency.

Billi Quadra – The Leader in Space, Energy and Time Efficiency

Space efficiency

The Billi Quadra has the smallest under counter unit footprint of its kind. With space at a premium in city offices, the Quadra is focused on space savings, and offers a significant benefit compared with others on the market. This allows the best use of precious storage space.

Energy efficiency

Billi’s unique energy reclaim system recovers waste heat energy generated by chilling water and reuses the energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby making a substantial energy saving. By careful consideration of the composition and construction of each component in our own Australian plant, the Billi achieves the lowest carbon footprint. In addition all Quadra units include a 7 day, 24 hour time switch to conserve power, or alternatively can be put into Standby mode which conserves energy by powering down after a prescribed period of non use.

Time efficiency

With its highly efficient heat harvesting technology the Billi Quadra dispenses more cups instantly than any tap of its kind on the market. This allows for peak periods of high demand in the teapoint or canteen environment. Billi regards instant dispense as the most important measure of a boiling and chilled systems capacity.


The Billi Quadra is unique as it does not require cupboard ventilation or ventilation grilles. It has no cooling fan, and instead uses a water cooling system which greatly enhances efficiency, saves space and cuts costs.


All our Boiling and Chilled dispensers come with an integrated safety switch. The red lock icon demonstrates when the safety switch is activated, simply press the switch to release the lock and allow full use of boiling water. The system will revert to safety mode after 8 seconds of non use.

Splash free delivery

Electronic control of boiling water delivery ensures user safety. The flow is momentarily slowed as the water exits the dispenser, eliminating splashing as the water enters the cup.

Designer taps

Following collaboration with architects, designers, engineers and end users, Billi has created an exceptional range of dispensers to suit our Boiling and Chilled systems. Comprising three different styles of tap in four finishes and a corresponding drainage font, this range ticks all the boxes with clean sophisticated style, advanced safety technology, ease of installation and energy efficiency.

Premium filtration

Billi premium filters ensure that health threatening pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides are removed leaving you with refreshingly clean drinking water, every time. Replacement filters can be purchased direct from one of our approved merchants or direct Billi by calling 020 7456 6789.


  • Quadra Compact (904010)
  • Quadra 440 (904040)
  • Quadra 460 (904060)
  • Quadra 4100 (904100)
Model Product Code Dimensions (HxWxD) Number of Users Hourly Dispense Capacity
Quadra Compact 904010 340mm x 315mm x 365mm 20 users 100 Boiling/150 chilled cups per hour
Quadra 440 904040 340mm x 315mm x 465mm 40 users 150 Boiling/175 Chilled Cups Per Hour
Quadra 460 904060 340mm x 315mm x 465mm 60 users 180 Boiling/175 Chilled Cups Per Hour
Quadra 4100 904100 340mm x 315mm x 465mm 100+ users 250 Boiling/175 Chilled Cups Per Hour
24 Months
Product Warranty

As with all the other Billi drinking water appliances, the Boiling and Chilled range is covered by a comprehensive 24 month parts and labour warranty. As the manufacturer we not only have full control over quality standards, but we are also uniquely positioned to offer exceptional client care and after sales backup.

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Why choose the Quadra

The most space, energy and time efficient filtered drinking water system of its kind on the market. Add to this no requirement for ventilation, and highest instant dispense capacity, and you'll see why Billi is so popular.

  • Space Efficiency

    The Billi Quadra has very compact dimensions allowing it to fit within a 500mm cabinet. The under counter unit is specifically designed to maximise available space under the sink, thus freeing up valuable storage space.


    The Billi Quadra unit is water cooled which keeps cupboard temperatures low, and does not require the provision of ventilation or ventilation grilles.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The Billi Quadra utilises Billi’s unique high performance Thermostore™ technology and insulation materials which operate at a level of efficiency which exceeds 50 times that of a traditional hot water tank. In addition the Quadra range uses a technology which harvests and reuses waste heat thereby making substantial energy savings.

    The Billi Quadra incorporates an intelligent technology which is a self-learning timer allowing the unit to operate when required. The self -earning timer monitors daily usage patterns and even recognises evening and weekend changes in routine to effectively minimise energy consumption.

  • Time Efficiency

    With the highest immediate cup rates on the market for its kind, the need to queue for hot or chilled drinking water is removed with the Billi Quadra. Filtered drinking water dispensed – instantly. Cuts downtime, cuts inefficiency, raises productivity.

    All the Billi Quadra units have a published cup rate. This includes the hourly rate, but more importantly the instant dispense. Undersizing a tap to meet a budget  is a sure way of storing problems down the line. Our instant dispense rate gives the number of cups that can be dispensed before the system has to recover. With Billi, it will not dispense hot water below the optimum 98.5 degrees C, to ensure the user has a great tasting filtered water experience. And recovery time…just 2 minutes!

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Options and Accessories
Style of dispenser

Choose a dispenser from our standard XL Levered, the innovative XT Touch version which has no levers and a clean style with all operation via a touch pad at the top of the tap or the XR remote which has a separate control pad which can be mounted nearby the tap for greater design flexibility. All versions are available with the complete Boiling and Chilled range.

Integrated drain font

If the dispenser is to be mounted away from a sink, choose our XI Font. The ultimate in modern clean styling, it can be either surface mounted or recessed into the bench top for a completely flush mounting. The font comes complete with a 120mm dispenser riser to ensure sufficient clearance for a 250mm dispense height, or an optional 70mm riser for 200mm dispense height.

Dispenser riser

A dispenser riser can be added separately to create extra clearance under for tall jugs and pots. There are two dispenser riser heights available for the XL, XT and XR dispensers, choose between 120mm & 70mm.

I've been told that Billi Quadra systems waste water. What is this about?
Within it's boiling and chilling cycle the Quadra systems may emit a small quantity of water through a 3mm pipe into the waste. This is quite normal and over the course of a day equates to a volume of approximately one toilet flush. The energy savings of the Billi system far outweigh any water cost.
There’s no room left under our sink. Can a Billi water filtration system be installed in the next cupboard?
Absolutely. In fact your dispenser can be installed up to 2.0m from its under counter water filter. Remember, there may be a boiling water delay with a long extension.
Why don’t the Quadra boiling and chilled systems require ventilation?
The Quadra range is water-cooled, and therefore does not rely on ventilation grilles to keep cool.
How do I work out what size unit I need?
Billi quotes an initial cup delivery rate, which is the better measure for sizing a system than the hourly cup rates. Take as an example the Quadra 460XL. This has an immediate dispense capacity of 60 cups which means that if 60 people stood in a queue to get their hot drink, number sixty would receive theirs at the same temperature as number one.
How big is the under counter boiler unit?
All Billi units are designed to fit into standard cabinetry and under standard countertops. The Quadra Compact as an example measures 340 x 315 x 365 (H x W x D mm)
Why do I need a scale filter?
Most of the UK suffers from hard water, and in some areas this can even vary according to which reservoir the water is coming from. Any brand of boiling and chilled unit will very quickly scale up if a limescale filter is not fitted, and a failure attributable to scale is not normally covered by warranty.
What is a drainage font?
This is a surface mounted drainage facility which fits into a worktop where there is a requirement to keep the boiling and chilled tap apart from a standard sink tap. It connects into the standard waste pipe.
How do I stop staff members scalding themselves on the boiling tap inadvertently?
By default, the Billi taps come with an electronic safety lock, which means that the boiling side of the tap cannot be operated by mistake. It requires the user to deliberately touch a padlock icon before boiling can be dispensed. Chilled water is always available and is never locked.
Can the taps dispense without holding the lever down?
Yes, with the standard XL tap the levers can be raised to allow constant dispense, for refilling a jug for example.
Can I order a tap that is higher than the standard?
Yes. We supply a 120mm riser as standard with a drainage font, and an option of 70mm riser. This gives a dispense height of 250mm and 200mm respectively.
Can I rent or lease a boiling and chilled unit?
Yes. We have a 36 month rental scheme which includes all servicing. At the end of three years, just take out a brand-new updated machine on a new contract or return the old unit to us.
What is Initial Cup Delivery?
This is the most accurate measure of a boiling and chilled taps capability. Simply it means that this is the number of cups that a boiling or chilled unit will dispense without any change in temperature. In the Quadra 4100XL, for example, the ICD is 100. If you had the situation of 100 staff members standing in a queue and drawing off their hot drinks, one after the other, after the other, the temperature for number 100 will be the same as number 1. Make sure when checking specifications of Billi or other brands, that you insist on knowing this figure. Whilst the hourly dispense is still important, it can be misleading because it is an average and doesn't account for peak times within that hour.
What happens after the initial cup delivery?
The tap will stop dispensing for a very short time. Billi have designed their system to ensure water is dispensed only at the correct temperature. As soon as enough water (2 cup fulls by volume) is heated, the unit will restart dispensing.

What is a drainage font?
This is a stainless steel drip tray that is inset into a worktop to allow the boiling and chilled tap to be apart from the sink. It has its own connection to the waste and is often chosen for safety reasons. With each font is a riser of 70mm which lifts the tap high enough to dispense into a tall glass or jug. it is optional, although some clients choose to situate the tap so it can dispense over an existing sink. Clickhere for a picture of the standard XI font and XL tap.
What is the purpose of the clear condensate hose that comes from the under counter unit?
The Billi system occasionally will flush a small amount of warm water through this hose to keep the system at a steady operating temperature. This is quite normal, as with any boiler, and the volume of water emitted is very low.
Where can I buy Billi taps from?
You can buy directly from us via proforma if you do not have a credit account. Call the sales line on 020 7456 6789 to get your quote. If you have a preferred merchants, please let us know and we will negotiate the same deal for you.
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