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Be Happy at Work on International Day of Happiness

Happiness in the Workplace

Today is the International Day of Happiness – a day to celebrate all things happy. In our fast-paced and stressful world, it is important to remain mindful of our wellbeing in every aspect of our lives. That’s why today we’re looking at happiness in the workplace! Here’s how you can increase it – and what Billi can do to help.

The Importance of Happiness at Work

Whoever said ‘don’t mix business with pleasure’ didn’t understand the importance of staying happy at work. With up to a quarter of our time spent at work, the workplace has a significant influence on our overall happiness. Ensuring that we have healthy, happy working lives is instrumental for elevating quality of life and allowing us to reach our true potential as human beings.

Being happy at work is not only vital for the individual. Just as unhappy individuals can’t thrive, so is the case with businesses. A company full of happy workers means vibrancy, dynamism and collaboration, all necessary for a productive workplace.

A Happier Workplace

So, what makes a happy workplace? We thought today was the perfect day to explore practical changes you can make in your workplace to maximise happiness.

Bring Some Joy

Work and fun have traditionally been perceived as separate spheres, but workplaces are changing. With an understanding of happiness as the bedrock of individual and group flourishing, has come a determination to introduce some joy to the working environment.

Injecting some fun into working life doesn’t have to be difficult. Introducing celebrations for birthdays or achievements will lighten the mood, whilst games and competitions in the office will instil energy and positivity. And why not get out of the office every once in a while? Organising team building activities elsewhere will carry the benefits of a fresh environment and, from assault courses to escape rooms, there is a huge range of options for a fun day out. Laughter and physical exercise naturally release endorphins and will also strengthen bonding and collaboration.

Some workplaces have gone a step further and transformed the office space to maximise fun. Through installing games rooms, ping pong tables and even slides, businesses introduce an element of play, encouraging regular breaks and boosting happiness.

Back to Nature

Nature is an age-old remedy for stress and sadness. Spending time in the outdoors is likely to leave one feeling calmer, revitalised and less stressed. This is increasingly backed up by science, with many studies suggesting a strong correlation between psychological wellbeing and spending time in the great outdoors. Green, natural environments have been shown to make people more relaxed, creative and even kinder – ultimately, happier!

With consciousness and creativity, the positive powers of nature can be harnessed and utilised in the workplace. Natural light and views of the outside will ease anxiety and lift moods: try to maximise windows and where possible use lighting to simulate the outside. Plants are another easy way to evoke the great outdoors.

Embracing nature doesn’t have to be limited to flora either: some workplaces have opened their doors to animals as well. There is evidence that stroking a dog or cat helps lower blood pressure and the release of stress hormones. Allowing pets in the workplace will also establish a fun, friendly environment and encourage communication between workers.

Health and Happiness

Whilst there has been a tendency to separate the mind and body, evidence suggests that physical and mental health are interdependent. Exercise, a balanced diet and other lifestyle choices, such as not smoking, have all been shown to reduce anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can encourage healthy habits in the workplace:

  • Nutrition – By offering free fruit you can encourage a nutritious alternative for an afternoon snack. Many businesses also provide employees with breakfast, ensuring a nourishing start to the day.
  • Hydration – Water is one of the building blocks of life and fundamental for a healthy body and mind. One of the best things you can do to promote health in the workplace is to make water instant and available. Taps, such as those offered by Billi, provide filtered water in an instant. Providing employees and meeting rooms with reusable water bottles will make staying hydrated as effortless as possible.
  • Exercise incentives – consider a partnership with a local gym to offer reduced memberships as a staff benefit. Hold exercise classes in the workplace: the convenience of a lunchtime yoga session will incentivise workers to get active. Encourage cycling to work through cycle to work schemes so that employees can build exercise into their daily routine.

How Billi Can Help

At Billi, we have worked with many modern workplaces with a focus on staff happiness, contributing to stylish and functional spaces that can service employees efficiently. On our website, you’ll find many detailed case studies. You will also be able to see for yourself how our partners create spaces conducive to the satisfaction and happiness of their employees.


One example is Parkeray – a contractor who specialises in refurbishing office and commercial buildings. Their new HQ is a bright, open-plan space, facilitating easy collaboration and sunny moods.

Billi fitted under-counter water systems that integrated seamlessly with the stylish design of their kitchen, hydrating workers with filtered boiling and chilled water. Parkeray also chose personalised glass bottles, allowing for the easy availability of water in a sustainable and attractive way.

Kobalt Music

Kobalt are the leading business in independent music services. Their London office features a breakout space full of natural light, accentuated through white decor and furnishings, and interspersed with indoor plants and comfortable seating.

With over 300 employees, it was important that the kitchen could service everybody during peak times. The efficient technology of Billi systems meant instant water and no queuing for the kettle! We also added some sparkle: the tap installed offers a choice of chilled, boiling or sparkling water – something to keep everybody happy.

Happier Together

The chosen theme for this year’s International Day of Happiness is Happier Together. In the spirit of commonality and connection, we want to work with you. We will aline with your unique requirements to help you maximise satisfaction in your workplace.

To begin your journey towards a more hydrated, happier workplace, just get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to help!