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Introducing Billi

The leading manufacturer and supplier of boiling, chilled
and sparkling filtered drinking water dispensing systems.

What Is Billi All About?

The Billi brand is synonymous with innovation and we provide boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water systems. Moreover, everything we make is of uncompromising quality backed by a world class customer service experience.

Our award-winning boiling and chilled water systems are preferred by designers and architects for their timeless styling and space-saving design. Consequently, the space, energy and time efficiency benefits mean that Billi stays ahead.

Billi, the essential appliance in commercial kitchens and teapoints. Put Billi systems into your facility today.



Boiling and Chilled Systems – Billi Got There First!

As more workplaces chose pure filtered water, a safe, attractive alternative to standard appliances was essential. A truly innovative concept, the groundbreaking Billi products were launched in the early 1990s. Furthermore, Billi was also the first to offer the choice of filtered boiling and chilled drinking water from a single tap. Because of the benefits of a neatly concealed under-counter drinking water system,  Billi products were instantly recognised and embraced.

The Billi Innovation Continues

Having set the standard back then, Billi continues to innovate. We keep pace with modern building techniques, contemporary interior concepts and changing consumer trends.

Vision, Mission and Values


Billi is committed to be the market leader in value-added water delivery systems globally.


As a progressive and innovative organisation, Billi is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the betterment of our customers and society through excellence and high achievement in our people, our products, and our purpose. We provide the premium product in design, reliability and desirability, and support this with a world-class customer service experience.



We are passionate about teamwork and holding each other accountable to instil trust internally and externally.

We treat colleagues and customers as equals.



We earn the status of world-class customer service through honesty and being driven to deliver above and beyond our customers’ expectations consistently.

We accomplish what we commit to.



We achieve our goals by constantly working smarter, paying attention to detail in addressing our customers’ needs and rejecting complacency.

We strive to be better than the rest.



We believe that innovation makes the benefits of our products and services become a reality and is driven forward by sharing and implementing ideas.

We are always moving forwards.

Four reasons why Billi leads the market

Space Saving Design​

Billi understand the value of space, so we don’t use too much

More Energy Efficient

40% saving with Billi heat exchange technology

Greentag Certified Badge

GreenTag Certified

We go beyond water and energy saving

Built-In Ventilation

Billi’s unique technology will not spoil your furniture​

Why Choose Billi?

A commitment to excellence sets the Billi product range apart.

State-of-the-Art Production

Manufactured in our own Australian facility, Billi has total control of the quality and traceability of all its products. The Billi brand is synonymous with innovation and quality. Consequently every system is rigorously and individually tested before leaving the warehouse for distribution globally.

Quality Assured

From the design stage right through to manufacture, distribution and installation, every element of the Billi operation is monitored and measured for quality. In addition our substantial Research and Development department operates on the principle of continuous improvement. Due to this, the latest Quadra systems incorporate advanced eco-technology and safety features that continue to ensure that Billi leads the market.


The Billi Experience – Our Commitment To You

At every interaction you have with Billi, you are shown respect and understanding by everyone you come in touch with. Moreover, you are genuinely made to feel important to us as we focus on the solution to your challenge.

Quality Assured

Most noteworthy is the honesty and integrity of every person serving you from Billi. In addition to this, you find that we are very professional and easy to deal with. You receive a ‘world-class service experience’ which exceeds your expectations and one which is repeated over and over again.

Space, Energy and Time Efficiency

At Billi, we believe that every company globally is looking for efficiencies. If you are reading this, we do not think you are an exception. Space, energy and time efficiency are at the forefront. Read on to see how Billi can assist you.

Quality Assured

With rents topping £100 per sq ft in some areas of London, space is at a premium. Consequently, the Billi Quadra range has been designed to fit within a 500mm cabinet without modification. In addition, it does not require grilles or ventilation space. Due to the high-tech unique compact design, the Billi systems will save you valuable under counter storage.


Waste Heat Recovery Technology

In the early 90’s, the Billi Research and Development team started work. It took heat-exchange technology and applied it to a conventional water boiler, but with a significant and far-reaching difference. The product they designed became the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled drinking water system.

Quality Assured

The Billi engineers harnessed thermodynamic heat-exchange technology to recover waste heat energy generated by the chilled water-cooling cycle. Therefore this enabled Billi to reuse this waste heat to preheat the water entering the hot water tank.


Billi’s Environmental Focus

No need to compromise quality to reduce your carbon footprint

Billi is renowned for its focus on environmental issues, ensuring our appliances are sustainable and go beyond water and energy saving. Consequently we at Billi UK have attained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Moreover, all our products are all designed for the lowest possible eco-impact.

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