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Boiling Tap

Why Choose Billi For Commercial Water Dispensers And Taps

There are many benefits to having a commercial water dispenser installed in your office or commercial space. Making it easier and more enticing for your employees to stay hydrated can enhance their…

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Sustainability, Office Evolution & Hydration

What are the benefits of a CPD for the individual?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, and the benefits and advantages of a CPD course are evident for both the employee and employer. We’re going to look at why an individual may…

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Chef cracking egg onto dish

London Design Festival: Meet the Migrateful Chefs at The Hydration Showroom

Billi UK is teaming up with Migrateful to provide two cookery workshops for this year’s London Design Festival and Clerkenwell Design Trail on 20th and 21st September. Migrateful looks to support migrants…

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2022

Join us at Clerkenwell Design Week 2022 for lunch, canapés, and cocktails

To celebrate Clerkenwell Design Week and the opening of The Hydration Showroom, we have created a treasure trail between three hydration points and our new showroom on Clerkenwell Road. Fill your water…

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Billi Firewall Touchless Tower_Kitchen (1)

Introducing The Firewall® Tower Dispenser

Firewall® and BioCote® technologies are two key innovations which Billi now brings to it’s product range with the new Firewall® Tower Dispenser. Billi has been at the forefront of the instant filtered…

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