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Sustainability Commitments

Learn about our sustainability commitments, unified with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Achieving a sustainable future for the generations to come starts with a unified commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 interconnected objectives serve as a global benchmark, addressing the complex challenges our world faces and paving the way for a harmonious coexistence between people and the planet. At Billi UK, we support this global initiative by aligning our mission and practices with the SDGs. Our initiatives are not just promises; they are proactive steps towards contributing to a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive world.

Our Process: Combining Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability and innovation are fundamental principles embedded in Billi UK’s operational framework. Our unwavering commitment to integrating sustainability across all facets of our business model is evident in every step we take. From the responsible sourcing of materials to the design of sustainable solutions and our rigorous recycling practices for both packaging and products, every action reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship.
For decades, Billi UK has led the way in innovation within the instant filtered boiling and chilled water systems industry. Our products are renowned for high performance, contemporary aesthetics, and eco-friendly technology. Find out more about Billi UK and our history.

1. Design: Foundation for Success

Our sustainability efforts begin at the design stage, where we strive for continuous improvement and a strong commitment to understanding and reducing our carbon footprint. This approach ensures that sustainability extends beyond traditional manufacturing boundaries.

2. Manufacturing: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Billi UK proudly embodies sustainability, having undergone rigorous assessment and certification through Global GreenTag’s LCARate™ program. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is showcased through our range of water-cooled products, which are certified by Global GreenTag to have a lower, measurable carbon footprint.

3. Installation: Sustainable Culture

Our employees play a crucial role in achieving our sustainability goals. Our commitment extends beyond products and processes to foster a workplace culture that values and empowers our team members. Billi UK provides a supportive environment where employees are encouraged to embrace and promote sustainable practices in both their professional and personal lives.

4. Wellbeing: Commitment to Health and Safety

Enhancing the wellbeing of our end-users is at the heart of what we do. As members of the International Well Building Institute, our dedication to setting new standards in creating environments that prioritise health and wellbeing is evident. This affiliation underscores our ongoing commitment to improving user health and safety.

5. Certification: Highest Quality

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is further demonstrated through active participation in global initiatives like Global GreenTag, Works with WELL, and our ISO 9001 QMS Certification. These certifications not only validate our products’ performance but also highlight our contributions to broader sustainability goals.

6. Maintenance: Promoting Energy Efficiency

Billi UK’s products are distinguished by their unique capability to convert waste heat into a valuable source of heating energy. By harnessing and repurposing waste heat, our water filtration systems epitomise a commitment to energy conservation and environmental responsibility.

7. Recycling: Reducing Waste

Recognising the urgent need to reduce all forms of waste, we have formed strategic partnerships within the industry. These collaborations ensure the recycling and re-use of materials wherever possible. Additionally, we have introduced innovative packaging solutions incorporating recycled materials, such as tank insulation.

Billi Technology

Certification for Sustainability

The Global GreenTag certification is highly coveted by global manufacturing businesses for its evidence-based approach to sustainable product certification. Since 2012, Billi UK has been certified and re-certified by Global GreenTag at the Gold Level of the LCARate Program, and we hold an Environmental Product Declaration under EPD EN 15804. This program is recognised by Greenstar® Australia and New Zealand, NZ Homestar®, LEED®, BREEAM®, IS® Rating, and WELL® features, including:

  • Building/Product Synergy
  • Health & Ecotoxicity
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Water
  • Life Cycle Analysis – Greenhouse Gas
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Technologies

Our dual technology combines the energy efficiency and heat transfer benefits of water cooling with the water-efficient heat exchange technology. Water, being a more effective conductor of heat than air, ensures that our systems run at consistent and efficient operating temperatures, saving on energy costs and reducing the carbon footprint.
Our water-cooled systems do not require any fans, cross ventilation, clearance tolerances, or joinery cut-outs to keep the system cool. Our heat exchange technology repurposes waste heat within the system to generate usable heating energy, contributing to Billi UK’s Net-Zero and Sustainable Development Goals.



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