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The Environment - How Billi Cares

The environment. Your concern is our concern.

We Care About The Environment

Every new Billi product is designed with the environment in mind to meet ecologically sustainable development guidelines. By carefully selecting each component for every unit, Billi achieves a very low carbon footprint. Individual parts are recyclable and bear globally recognised codes. Because an effective refreshment system is requested, doesn’t mean it has to be costly to the environment. Rather, the two elements can be combined, as in the Billi Quadra systems.


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We Harvest and Reuse Energy

Chilling water creates waste heat energy. Billi’s heat exchange technology recovers and reuses this energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby making a significant cost saving. In addition it reduces the carbon footprint.

Effective water and energy saving initiatives help meet UK Green Building Council objectives. Billi filtered water dispensers offer unique power consumption advantages:

  • Thermodynamic Heat exchange technology recovers and reuses heat energy;
  • High performance polyethylene insulation holds water temperature and saves energy.
  • Stand-by mode conserves power during selected non-use periods.

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The Environment – Your and Ours

Billi lets you enjoy pure, clean drinking water in commercial application without costly environmental impact. Moreover, our technology allows you an environmentally responsible choice. We don’t compromise when it comes to filtered boiling and chilled drinking water, and now you don’t have too.  Billi units consume less energy than a kettle, in addition to a far less environmental impact than that of bottled water. In the UK we have attained ISO14001 certification, in addition to the globally recognised Gold Global Green Tag certification. This means we continuously examine our systems and procedures to see how we can fine-tune them further.