HubHub Case Study - Billi Uk


It’s where Europe’s hottest talent come to scale their businesses up and now they’ve taken their hydration to new heights.

Located in the trendy and design oriented area of Farringdon in Clerkenwell, HubHub’s brand new office helps bring together like-minded talent and a culture of opportunity, creating the perfect environment for making extraordinary things happen in a truly unique co-working space.

Set over 4 floors the 34,000 square foot office located at 20 Farringdon Street, has an industrial chic vibe with the bright HubHub branding visible in splashes across the area. It is home to over 700 members who use it to work, network and participate in a multitude of exciting events.

Boiling, Chilled, Hot & Ambient
HubHub HubHub Billi Tap boiling water tap

HubHub wanted to provide their clients and staff with the very best in filtered hydration systems, ones that would fit into the modern and industrial look of the interior, whilst helping to enhance their drive for sustainability.

  • Design
  • Sustainability
  • Functionality

They went ahead with Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus 9 units in Matte Black with matching Gooseneck mixer taps. Providing instant access to boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water through the XL Lever dispensers, as well as hot and cold water from the mixer taps. Billi fulfil the refreshment needs of all stakeholders across 4 expansive floors.

HubHub Billi Tap

From the large and unique networking areas for clients to socialise, to the stylish office kitchen and tea point rooms, where staff need to relax and improve their productivity.

The Matte Black finish allows the taps to fit seamlessly into HubHub’s aesthetics with the dispensers standing out as key reference points.

This fantastic project was coordinated with Area London (Fourfront Group).

The Result

“The design and finish of the Billi
taps fit effortlessly into our office.
With a range of different clients using
our space to work and network, the
taps provide the perfect hydration
solution, keeping productivity high and
helping to mainatain a high standard
of wellbeing. More so than ever it is
important to become sustainable and
Billi have helped HubHub acheive

- Elena Malara, Community Manager, HubHub

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How Billi Taps enhance the modern working environment.