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Firewall® Tower Dispenser

The Billi Firewall® Tower incorporates the latest hygiene technology and product surface protection, including Firewall®, BioCote® and hands-free dispensing, delivering the safest water possible in the workplace.

The best quality chilled and boiling water at your health and aged care environment

Key surfaces are integrated with BioCote®, a silver-ion additive that prevents microbial growth on
the surface of the products helping to reduce unpleasant odours, degradation of key surfaces and
the potential for cross-contamination.

Firewall is tested and scientifically proven to be 99.999% effective in deactivating Covid-19 from
drinking water.

The UVC technology acts all the way through to the point of dispense, eradicating germs just
before water reaches the glass.

The Billi Firewall® Tower features contactless dispensing. The hands-free functionality is activated
by robust infra-red sensor technology

Four reasons why Billi leads the market

Space Saving Design​

Billi understand the value of space, so we don’t use too much

More Energy Efficient

40% saving with Billi heat exchange technology

Greentag Certified Badge

GreenTag Certified

We go beyond water and energy saving

Built-In Ventilation

Billi’s unique technology will not spoil your furniture​

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