11 Jul 2018

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WRAS Approval: What Is It and Why It’s Important For You

WRAS Approval: What Is It and Why It's Important For You In the water industry, WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) has ...

04 Jul 2018

Category: Eco

Is Going Plastic-Free More Expensive for the Individual?

What Will Going Plastic-Free Cost You? Knowing and understanding the damage plastic waste has on the environment, many of us are ...

02 Jul 2018

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New Office Supply Essential Checklist

Moving Office? Don't Forget These Essential Items In our last blog post, we mentioned that Billi was moving office. Our move ...

01 Jul 2018

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Britain’s Plastic Bottle Problem

The UK Has a Plastic Bottle Problem Our problem with plastic bottle consumption is not a new phenomenon, nor is it ...

27 Jun 2018

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Follow These Instructions on How to Taste Tea Like a Pro

Taste Tea Like a Pro With These Simple Instructions You might think you know everything there is to know about drinking ...