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Removing Heavy Metals From Water

Heavy metals in water are not a major concern in the UK as there are regulations in place that ensure all water companies supply safe tap water. However, this doesn’t eliminate the…

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How to Remove Chlorine From Tap Water

In the UK, chlorine levels in drinking water are generally safe. However, if you’re concerned about other contaminants or if you just want to improve the taste of your drinking water, you…

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Best Ways to Remove Bacteria From Water

Why is it important to make sure your drinking water is safe and what is the best way to filter tap water? We all know that drinking water is important to keep…

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6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Micron Filter for Your Water Filtration System

A Micron filter is a type of water filter designed to effectively remove dirt, debris and even microscopic particles from water. Micron filters have pores that can range in size (measured in…

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Under Bench Water Filter Systems

Under bench water filters are a great option for water filtration in both homes and office spaces. Below is why under-bench water filter systems are proving to be a popular choice and…

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